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Commercio della carne di Cane

Dear Massimo,

One year ago, I wrote to tell you about the horrific dog meat trade in the Philippines. Our investigators had just seized a shipment of 100 dogs packed tightly into the back of a truck, bound for slaughter. These were just a few of the thousands of victims claimed by this cruel industry every year.

In the months that have passed, we’ve made progress in our campaign to stop the dog meat trade. But our work is far from done. Some officials continue to look the other way. That’s why I’m writing you today, to urge you to tell local officials in dog-eating districts to enforce the ban on dog meat and close down vendors and restaurants still selling this illegal, cruel product.

The large majority of Filipinos do not condone the consumption of dog meat. While some bill it as a "cultural practice," the commercial trade is anything but. Although the trade was banned by law in 1998, it was still active in certain regions of the country due to lenient fines and light penalties.

Just last year, local organizations successfully lobbied to strengthen laws against it, and now we are working with them to ensure these tough new penalties are enforced. We are continuing the fight to end the dog meat trade. But we need your help again.

Baguio City is renowned as a tourist haven, but it also serves as a center for the trade and many restaurants and street vendors continue to sell dog meat. Please send an email to the Mayor of Baguio City and urge him to enforce the laws of the land and shut down these illegal dog meat peddlers.

The dogs used in the trade are rounded up in the streets, stolen, or even bought from their unknowing owners for a paltry sum. These animals depend on humans to care for them, but dog meat traders betray their trust -- all for a few more dollars.

Together we can take a stand for dogs and fight cruelty in all its forms. Please take action today.

Thank you for all that you do to help animals.

Andrew Rowan
Andrew Rowan
Chief Executive Officer
Humane Society International

P.S. To help further, please tell your friends and family about this important issue.

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